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Instant Translation Tool would Remove the Need for Learning Languages (Read 4100 times)


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If we all have devices in future that can instantly translate from one language to another, there would be no need for people to learn different languages for business, travel and communication.

It would mean that any book in any language could be read by anyone in the world in their own language. TV and movies could have instant translations and all websites would be accessible to everyone, no matter what their native language  might be.

FOr this to work, the translation software of the future will have to be much better than translation tools available now. I think it would have many advantages, but it would be a shame if people no longer bothered to learn to speak a second or third language.


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How amazing would this be if invented, right? I love this idea as I love watching foreign series and films mostly from Korea. Sometimes, the subtitles bug me so much because I cannot decipher the meaning. Either the translator is not familiar with the English language or just too lazy to properly construct the real lines.

Having this technology would mean clearer translations! No more scratching my head everytime a wrong spelling or grammar pops in the screen. I will be one happy girl if this happens!


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Google is already pretty far with instant translation ! They will come with this soon!

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