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Title: Worst-case teachers
Post by: PowerJet on August 21, 2015, 03:15:14 PM
An idea about the future of teaching could be that skills and so on, would be taught using computer programs instead of any kind of teacher. A kind of self-teaching, while being guided by software from A to Z.

The software could work like today: the person read the content, and then exercises come where question is asked about the knowledge. It would try to parse the answers to the question and verify whether if the answer looks correct and follows some kind of factors that matter to each matter, like the result and the use of simplification for mathematics, or how the language is used for languages skills.

These software could be programmed to follow two or three big learning path and answering patterns they already detected by studying the past answers of exercises. This way, the software will try to know what big learning path is more suited to the person, and these three big learning paths should cover something like 90%.

However, when the scores are too bad or when no learning path is really suited, then it's where teachers come into play. That's why I talk about "worst-case teachers", they come when the software solution didn't work.

What do  you think of it? How awful would it be to be a teacher then?
Title: Re: Worst-case teachers
Post by: zenon on August 22, 2015, 06:33:15 AM
I think this would work well for some subjects, but not as well for others.
It's hard for a computer to capture things like nuance, so grading essays for instance would be difficult, as well as teaching english or art.
Learning facts and hard skills is one part of the educational process, but critical and creative thinking is also important and should be addressed somehow. 
Perhaps the 'worst-case teachers' could be closer to humanities teachers instead, who covered the aspects of education a computer may not be able to capture.