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Will books become obsolete? (Read 36373 times)


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Will books become obsolete?
August 19, 2015, 04:34:25 PM

With the advent of technology, will traditional paper books become obsolete? I know some schools in our country now prefer using ipads or tablets and also recommends that their students follow too. They equip the ipad or tablet with the school books and so traditional books are buried in this practice. Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages with the usage of ebooks. These are the ones I could think of:

1. Not heavy to carry. You only need the gadget and you have all your books.
2. Very handy. You can study on the way to school. Less chance of forgetting your books at home.

1. Cheating can be quite easy with a gadget around.
2. Can produce eyesores or headaches.

What do you think, will traditional paper books become obsolete in the future?


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#1 Re: Will books become obsolete?
August 20, 2015, 06:37:43 AM
I can't imagine books becoming entirely obsolete, but I can definitely see schools switching to ipads or tablets as opposed to textbooks. 
Especially for college or university students, textbooks can get outrageously expensive and having a less expensive digital copy available would be more manageable for students on a budget.
Cheating could definitely be a problem but if the tablets were supplied by the school (possibly rented by the students) I imagine they'd be able to install apps to mitigate at least the most obvious attempts at cheating.
It would definitely be useful to have all your schoolwork and source material on one device.


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#2 Re: Will books become obsolete?
August 20, 2015, 04:34:56 PM
I remember when I was in medicine school, all my classmates use an iPad or tablet. They all have their medical ebooks there. All of which they got for free. You made some great points. Books especially medical books, cost quite a lot. When you have free ebooks around, why buy the textbook which can really strain your wallet?

But I am one of those students who cannot study in the iPad. I still bought the textbooks that I can afford. Those that I cannot afford, I just printed the ebooks lol. My then boyfriend, now husband, also bought books, all the books actually.

Yeah if the school can provide the tablet, they can minimize cheating because they know what is in the gadget. I guess in the future, only a tablet is needed to have all yor files with you, on the go.


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#3 Re: Will books become obsolete?
August 22, 2015, 03:19:46 AM
To me an ebook is a book.  The essence of the book is the words and their message. It does not matter in terms of the words or the message whether they are ink on velum, typing on paper, or pixels on iPhone.  The book remains more popular than ever for the very reason that words can find new ways to get from authors to readers according to the technology of the day. 

Written words, spoken words, and images are the channels we have to communicate and they are al going strong.

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