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The Effects of Immersing Children in Technology (Read 2965 times)


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Today most kids are able to use a smartphone or operate netflix before they even start kindergarten.
As technology continues forward I think that children are going to be introduced to it earlier and earlier.
Do you think people will be smarter for being introduced to technological conveniences at a young age?
I'm sure there will be tons of educational programs and games for babies, a lot already exist but it hasn't become ubiquitous yet. 
Does it matter if you're being put in front of a computer as a baby though, if you're too young to absorb that type of information?
How do you think early childhood education will be affected by the growing use of everyday technology?


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Technology is really an important aspect of our modern society. Being 'illiterate' in technological knowledge can easily be fixed, I think technology is very easy to learn. That is why babies or toddlers nowadays know how to operate an iPad already.

But for me, moderation is the key. I am a mother of a one year old and I try to refrain from giving him gadgets. Even television is not allowed. Only until he is old enough to understand what gadgets are for and when he can communicate his needs already.

There are many cases of kids nowadays where they need speech therapy because they cannot talk at the appropriate rate for their age. Pediatricians blame technology and television for that. I think in moderation, technology can help children in learning. But in excess, it can really hinder the growth of their minds.

There is still a need for kids to learn the traditional way. By talking, exploring and listening. With gadgets, the learning is one way, they watch videos which is a passive way of learning. They click on pictures which we really do not know if they understand what they are doing yet.

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