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Education / More simulations
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:39:31 PM »
Instead of having an education that tries to gives knowledge by reading books or school that we need to force us to remember, and it never works, why not more simulations?

A simulation for education would be showing a real situation you need to get out of, where you need a new thing the teacher tries to make you learn in order to finish the simulation and achieve it. If you don't, you will probably fail. It doesn't need to be too much immersive, just only enough to let the childrens think about the situation. It is already done in some niches, but it could be done easily in more domains in the future, hence why I talk here about it.

What do you think of it? It is doable? Is it nice?

Work / Working farther than now
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:10:42 PM »
For now, it has evolved a lot in the past 100 years where we couldn't work outside of the city. Now, daily commuting and doing miles for going to work doesn't look absurd. But working on one side of a country and living in another side of the country isn't happening. It is too far, too much time in transportation.

But in the future, as how we succeeded in the past, the transportation will improve time for getting to any places. In 2 hours we can do a thousand of miles, after all, and it can be improved even further. Super sonic flight existed back in 2000, after all.
How this will change our jobs and the work place? Is this a good move for you?

In and around your house / More compact apartments
« on: August 27, 2015, 09:40:01 PM »
One thing that would be optimized with future and technology would be to have more apartments to our taste, while there's less space in the apartments. Better space management could be done and thought about in the future.

An example is the convertible sofa we have today. If we push the concept further, we can get something else even better: full rooms convertible one into another. While this would limit how much people could live in that place because they couldn't do many things at the same time. Another way to go would be to put one room upside down and a room on the normal ground, so the space "wasted" by roof could be used, to the extent everything is done to be comfortable even upside down. Perhaps gravity change.

Transportation / Better traffic congestion avoidance
« on: August 27, 2015, 09:03:34 PM »
Getting stuck in traffic in city happens often. It slows down everyone, people, businesses, impacts economy, and makes only "harm" compared to a fluid traffic. However, people still and keep follow patterns that makes the traffic less fluid than it could be. Slowing down, not doing hiccups, some advises could solve the problem.

The way to go would be to better handle traffic congestion, and to redirect people. Proactively advising and redirecting people to another roads with less traffic than the overloaded ones. The worst is that signs tend to push people to go through the same road while it is not the good thing.
Share your ideas about this concept, how to tell drivers without distracting them, how make them change, without counting only on goodwill.

Hobbies / More videos, better suggestions
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:35:15 PM »
One of the thing that happens now is there's still channels and TV. While it improved a lot over the years, it did not changed a lot and the future will be the occasion to make it deprecated or different.

The bigger screen will still have a success I guess, but the problem now is the choice of broadcasts and when we get them. Missing a TV show because of an agenda not corresponding to the TV channel one will be more and more unacceptable, and even if catch up exists, it does not go far enough. To improve that, I feel like on demand and better suggestions is the future. I mean, without suggestion, going through too many movies is an hassle, and you will end up regret when people choose for you.

Transportation / Long tunnels to rally more cities via road
« on: August 21, 2015, 09:12:42 PM »
I wonder if long tunnels could be used to connect more cities and more highways. Because the problem of highways is also a problem of land property. Often, building an highway isn't easy because there's neighbors pretty unhappy with highways. While I still prefer highways on ground and higher, highways under the ground would help the problem of sound noise that a lot of neighbors complain about, and also, neighbors couldn't talk at all because they don't own this part of it.

The problem is the tremendous costs of tunnels, especially when they're long. The only real highway is a railway between UK and France, which is long, yes, but isn't used the same by cars. Would it be better to follow this approach or rather do like on ground highways with just a free to use or rather a toll road?

In and around your house / Self-cooking kitchen
« on: August 21, 2015, 08:43:05 PM »
If the future can bring a lot of things, I think the future can also bring that: a self-cooking kitchen that does any recipe you ask it to do!
While there's multiples ways to achieve this, like revolutionize the kitchen so it is no longer adapted to humans but more to the machines, or even using a robot, I think kitchen will autocook somedays because the technology will allow it and a low of people learn cooking not for pleasure, but for saving money or not eat all the premade meals we can find.

Now, how this will limit the kitchen scope? How will it get real? How many recipes could do a kitchen? Will a manufacturer introduce a limitation, like you need to upgrade the kitchen hardware or software - at a cost - to make better food? And if yes, what impact will it have in how we will eat? Finally, will school learn us how to cook just in case electricity goes down, or we won't caree about it?

Transportation / Vertical Takeoff: Technology from the 20th century
« on: August 21, 2015, 08:10:32 PM »
One thing I think about is about that technology from the 20th Century: the vertical takeoff. It is the fact that planes, instead of requiring multi-mile runways, takeoff almost vertically, like helicopters.
As I said, this technique exists since a while, but now it is a bit deserted by aircraft manufacturers, because it didn't worked out great back in 20st century.

However, the future will overcome new challenges, and one of these challenge is airport's size. While terminal critically limits the size of an airport, the number of runways and of possible pathways for taking off or landing is also a great limit factor. So we will see development of this someway old technology to the future, or will it stay as it is?

Education / Worst-case teachers
« on: August 21, 2015, 03:15:14 PM »
An idea about the future of teaching could be that skills and so on, would be taught using computer programs instead of any kind of teacher. A kind of self-teaching, while being guided by software from A to Z.

The software could work like today: the person read the content, and then exercises come where question is asked about the knowledge. It would try to parse the answers to the question and verify whether if the answer looks correct and follows some kind of factors that matter to each matter, like the result and the use of simplification for mathematics, or how the language is used for languages skills.

These software could be programmed to follow two or three big learning path and answering patterns they already detected by studying the past answers of exercises. This way, the software will try to know what big learning path is more suited to the person, and these three big learning paths should cover something like 90%.

However, when the scores are too bad or when no learning path is really suited, then it's where teachers come into play. That's why I talk about "worst-case teachers", they come when the software solution didn't work.

What do  you think of it? How awful would it be to be a teacher then?

The problem of the new work where you either have an app on your smartphone/tablet from your work, or where you have social network and you get notification from colleagues while it is 1 AM and you watch a TV show or when you work at home is: how to separate work from my life? When should I stop working? When should I start? And, mainly, how to not get too much distracted

This is a problem we will have to solve quickly because this problem is more and more happening and the workforce of West countries shouldn't go lower than it is because of too much distraction, lack of pauses, or problem to clearly identify when we can really allow ourselves to play the brand new game on a X-Box.

In and around your house / Self-house protection
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:05:38 PM »
With the future of the house with all objects interconnected on the same network, and even with Internet, we will start getting a bigger and bigger thread that happens in computer science: security.
Despite all mechanisms, human and non-human efforts, there's always security breaches inside software. They can be logical - I change the transmitted weather to control house's behavior - or pure security breach - I can control the house remotely by following these steps.

So, protections against these security breaches should be done and operational before we convert all houses to this new technologies. What are the right ideas to implement? What should we do, after all, to have smarter and smarter house, but without having someone triggering the coffee machine at 1 AM?

Work / Computer-assisted working: When computers highlight things
« on: August 20, 2015, 06:35:37 PM »
I think that often, computers will try to highlight things in the future. We already see some signs of it, like with devices remembering your flight before you even thought about setting this up yourself like in the old days of 2010, haha.

Jokes aside, the computer could be a full assistant to working. For example, in a bank, the computer would choose the order of the clients who will be handled. For example, if an important client - rich? - or an important client - theft behavior - is on the list, the computer will highlight them and people working will work on it first, instead of follow the simple "first in, first out" order.

Transportation / Re: Electric Highways
« on: August 20, 2015, 05:38:55 PM »
Well, probably it will change things about how we drive future cars, or rather about what car we will drive in the future.
The thing is, I don't know what system choosen the England, but the basic problem I can think for electric vehicles is wire. Trains was never able to overtake another train, with all the problem it made. If we are able to recharge electric vehicles without a wire and without dangerous waves, why not after all, I think it's the autonomy is one of the major deal breaker about electric highways.

The problem is that with this system, while transitioning, you'll probably still need an hybrid car supporting the new standard of eletric highways. Worst, when you'll change continents, you would have to throw away your car, since US/Canada uses 110V/60 Hz where Europe uses 220V/50 Hz. Or both continents magically do a specification and both follow it, but that would be so impressing :p

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