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Long tunnels to rally more cities via road (Read 2349 times)


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Long tunnels to rally more cities via road
August 21, 2015, 09:12:42 PM
I wonder if long tunnels could be used to connect more cities and more highways. Because the problem of highways is also a problem of land property. Often, building an highway isn't easy because there's neighbors pretty unhappy with highways. While I still prefer highways on ground and higher, highways under the ground would help the problem of sound noise that a lot of neighbors complain about, and also, neighbors couldn't talk at all because they don't own this part of it.

The problem is the tremendous costs of tunnels, especially when they're long. The only real highway is a railway between UK and France, which is long, yes, but isn't used the same by cars. Would it be better to follow this approach or rather do like on ground highways with just a free to use or rather a toll road?

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